A featured runner and sponsor spotlight in Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst, NC is one of HKRS’ largest Series, and one of their awesome sponsors, PCT Physical Therapy, shared a story and video for our blog that we are very excited to show all of our families and friends.  The following is a HKRS story from one of their Physical therapists, Hayden.

“One of the reasons that PDT is involved with Healthy Kids Running is because it allows the children we see in therapy, or any child an opportunity to do a “kid” activity where they can join in with others and move their bodies and have fun!” 

My child, Gracer, is the  girl in the middle (on the video).  She has aniridia (severe visual impairment-very low vision) and, as a result, has difficulty with navigating playgrounds, running tracks etc.  She has been running her 1 mile race weekly at HKR and is always last-but she does not give up and she keeps running her race-slow but steady.  Last week the little girl in the peach ran her race and then went back to find Grace on the course and finished with my daughter.  This week she did this again, and  the little girl in the “supergirl” T-shirt did the same.  

I wanted to share the video of the race finish.  I am proud that PDT is engaged in such a worthwhile community activity where all kids are accepted and their efforts are cheered (especially because many of the children we see are never “cheered”) 

From a Mom’s perspective,  I am grateful to Kjirsti (one of the other physical therapists) for getting PDT involved with this community activity and to all of our therapists (Michelle, Kelly, Nicki, Chelsea, Rachel, Brittany, Samantha, Becca) who are helping and have helped weekly (rain, cold, heat, sun) to provide an opportunity for my child to feel special and to have the encouragement of her peers!”

Thanks for joining us and helping our Pinehurst kids #getupandgo! 


This is what our PDT mission is all about.  Helping each child we see with their area of need  so that they can go out and live their life and be a kid!

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