October 31

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Healthy Kids Spotlight

Healthy Kids Running Series – Runner Spotlight!

Each HKRS Series presents a Healthy Kid Award to the child who embodies the mission of Healthy Kids Running Series. In Peters Township, the Healthy Kid Award was presented to Wil. The Community Coordinator, Carey, wanted to recognize the spirit and enthusiasm he brought to the Series.   Wil completed his seventh Healthy Kids Running Series […] >> READ MORE

Runner spotlight – Healthy Kid Award Winner

From Katie Bailey: (Coordinator) Some kids wear their hearts on their sleeves.  Healthy Kids in Rockville, Maryland was blessed to have many joyful kids racing in our Fall series.  One of the brightest stars, however, was a boy with a can-do attitude by the name of Gavi Tinsley. As soon as Gavi arrived on the […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Giving Back: A Coordinator Spotlight

If you have ever been a part of a Healthy Kids Running Series, then you have seen crowds of enthusiastic children outfitted in the organization’s t-shirts running many a Sunday in your local parks. But these shirts have also been helping make life a little easier for some special students in the Dominican Republic. It […] >> READ MORE
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10 Fest Philly Recap!

What an incredible day! On May 19th, we hosted runners from 55 of our Series from across the country as well as a number of first time participants! We had over 600 runners with 26 parents joining in on the fun with a mile race to finish of the day. It was an amazing way […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Series Spotlight: Princeton Junction, NJ!

The Princeton Junction Series kicked off for the first time this past Sunday with some terrific weather in central New Jersey. Over the past few years, New Jersey has become a hot bed for Healthy Kids Running Series, and Princeton Junction found its stride quickly, jumping out of the gates with 225 participants in its […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

North Reading, Massachusetts

Matt Quinlan is one of our newly cemented Coordinators who is preparing for his first Series this spring!  He will be bringing Healthy Kids Running Series to the North Reading community in northeastern Massachusetts starting in April. Matt took the HKRS Community by storm with the highest sign-up total out of any program in the […] >> READ MORE
Healthy Kids Spotlight

Meet Hadley: A 4-Year Old from Indiana, PA

When most people think of arthritis, they associate the joint pain with ‘getting old.’ Many people would never expect that these conditions can affect people of all ages. Hadley and her family were no different. But, in June of 2016, at the age of two, Hadley was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).  Idiopathic refers […] >> READ MORE
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