Running Stories & Tips

How Will Your Kids Fall in Love with Running?

The truth is, you cannot make anyone fall in love with anything…or anyone. Sure, extrinsic motivations in the form of medals, t-shirts and other goodies can help to spur excitement, but what is going to make your kids want more out of running, or physical activity, or the outdoors for the rest of their lives? […] >> READ MORE
Running Stories & Tips

Don’t skip the stretch!

Stretching can be a pain, but skip it, and you’ll be in for even less of a treat.  We all know that you should stretch after a good warm up session, but what about after? The post workout or run stretch is key for a few reason, so make sure that you take a few […] >> READ MORE
Running Stories & Tips

Rules of Buying Running Shoes

Running can be one of the cheapest sports that your kids can participate in, but you will still need to be prepared to purchase proper running shoes for your kiddos.  They might be try to convince you that lights and glitter will make them run faster, but here are a few tips to help you […] >> READ MORE
Running Stories & Tips

Anatomy of a running shoe

Just like a person, a running shoe has various parts that work together to make a fully functioning mechanism.  Essentially a shoe is split into three parts; the Upper, Midsole, and Outsole. The Upper’s function is to hold the foot in place and to protect the foot from debris, injury, water, dirt, etc.  The upper […] >> READ MORE
Running Stories & Tips

When to Stretch

When to Stretch When to stretch when being physically active has been an ongoing debate.  Do you warm up? Stretch after? Stretch before? The questions can be endless.  Research by Dr. Robert Herbert (University of Sydney, Australia) has shown that though stretching on a regular basis may not necessarily prevent muscle soreness after activities, it […] >> READ MORE
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