October 31

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Eat The Rainbow

Eating the rainbow means incorporating lots of different colored fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet. Download this tracker and see how many colors you can eat! Why Should We Eat the Rainbow? 1. Super Nutrients: Each color in fruits and vegetables is like a superhero cape made of nutrients. These nutrients are […] >> READ MORE

Flower Grazing Board From Giant

Fuel up with a flower power snack board!  This interactive creation is a great way for kids to explore a variety of fruits and veggies while having fun in the kitchen.  Grab these supplies and get started! Mini pancakes Greek yogurt Strawberries Blueberries Mandarin oranges Radishes Cucumbers Cherry tomatoes   Check out the full instructions […] >> READ MORE

Unicorn Smoothies From Giant

Loaded with fruit, these cute and colorful layered smoothies are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Ingredients 1 oz chocolate, melted 1 cup fresh mango chunks 2 ripe bananas, peeled and divided ½ cup frozen raspberries ½ cup milk, divided ½ cup frozen blackberries 1 marshmallow 2 ice cream sugar cones ½ cup […] >> READ MORE

RAINBOW Recipes From Giant

Get your little leprechauns excited for the season with a rainbow of fruits and veggies!  Selecting a variety of colorful foods can help our bodies get the variety of nutrients it needs. Check out this inspiration to make it happen! Red Promotes heart health, reduces sun-related skin damage, and lowers the risk of some cancers […] >> READ MORE

Fun Fall Recipes from Giant

Hoodies and crunchy leaves are starting to appear which can only mean one thing…fall is finally near!  It may surprise you, but fruits and veggies are big contributors to the warm and cozy feel as the weather begins to change. If you think about it, we couldn’t have PSL season if it wasn’t for pumpkins. […] >> READ MORE

Back-To-School Meal Plans from Giant

It’s back-to-school season! What’s the breakfast plan? What are you packing in the lunchbox?  What’s on the dinner table between extracurricular activities? Ah! It sounds more like back to busy season! Don’t fret, dietitians from GIANT/MARTINS are here with meal inspiration to get you and your family through busy days from morning to night!  Breakfast  […] >> READ MORE

Everything is Peachy with These Summer Recipes from GIANT

  It’s stone fruit season! Stone fruits, also known as drupes, are fruits that have a “stone” or pit in their center. Peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots are a few stone fruits that are at their juicy prime in July. These versatile produce stars can make for a refreshing addition to any meal and snack. […] >> READ MORE

Why are GIANT dietitians BANANAS for bananas on race day?

Why are GIANT dietitians BANANAS for bananas on race day? Well, we love them because bananas are…   An easy-to-digest carb that give a quick boost of energy A potassium powerhouse that can prevent muscle cramps A convenient on-the-go snack Great to use in recipes because of their natural sweetness   Whip up these Banana […] >> READ MORE

Strawberry Season Is Upon Us!

Strawberry season is upon us! These juicy gems are plentiful in Vitamin C which can support our immune system, wound healing, and skin health. Our bodies do not produce Vitamin C, so it’s essential that we pick it up from various foods in our diet.  Ready to incorporate more strawberries into your day?  Here are […] >> READ MORE
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